My mission is to help people to build stronger lives, families, and communities.

Kokoro is a Japanese word meaning heart + mind + spirit, the interdependent completeness into which we were born, the intention, emotion, and intellect with which we affect the world. Only when we awaken to our inner nature can we begin perfecting the way of being that is consistent with who we are becoming, to acting with kokoro, intention from the heart.

Do you feel…

  • Unfulfilled, despite the outward signs of success?
  • That the energy required to balance all your needs and the needs of those around you is sucking you dry?
  • Disconnected, or even lonely, though you may be surrounded by family, friends, colleagues?


  • Your life where balance is a dynamic, energy producing force propelling you forward.
  • Where you feel deep and lasting fulfilment as you live your life with intention.
  • And where your authentic self attracts meaningful connections and gives energy to every interaction.

Parenting books and well-intentioned advice just wasn’t what he needed as a new father. Everything was about the new child, but he wanted to be the best father and still stay true to himself.

So he decided to dig deeper.

Henning Riebe

Henning Riebe received his solution-focussed coach training at Erickson College International in Canada and is a member of the International Coach Federation. He also has 15 years experience leading software development teams. Whether coaching or leading, he encourages people to see beyond their perceived limitations and reconnect with their purpose. By creating a safe space for experimentation, Henning helps people to activate their creativity and enable possibilities.

“I help people access their resources by strengthening their self-awareness. This enables them to move from simply reacting to acting with intention.”

Henning has experienced the stress of conflicting roles in life and career as well as the deep unfulfilment that arises as one’s connection to purpose is slowly eroded over the years. In his own development he recognized that constant throughout his work has been his sincere desire to help others grow and be all they can be.

“My own journey required that I reconnect with my purpose; I live my calling every day when I am coaching others in their journey to live their best life.”

What can I help you with?

Why are you here? It doesn’t matter whether you are here for personal or professional growth, these are both integral parts of your life. I have neither an agenda nor the answers. I do create a safe space where you will be truly listened to as I support and challenge you in your growth and change efforts.

I can help you to…

  • create a vision that is aligned with your purpose
  • discover the actions that carry you forward
  • dig deeper whenever you get stuck
  • lead a fulfilling life of contribution
  • regain your freedom

This undertaking requires commitment, effort, and practice because few of us are taught the necessity of knowing and staying true to our purpose.

Ready to start?

You begin with a complementary 30-minute consultation. In this session you will experience an introduction to coaching and I will learn about your goals so that we can determine the best coaching program for you.

Request your no-obligation, complementary consultation.