I work with professionals who are ready to embark on the next stage of their career, helping them to lay the foundation for sustainable success and a fulfilling life. Through personal performance coaching I provide a challenging, yet supportive, space for them to discover and engage their full potential.

It’s about freedom

Becoming. Our world is constantly evolving around us. What we make of this either slowly empties us as prisoners of circumstance, or fills our lives with meaning and abundance. I want to help you build the foundation for a life of freedom, the freedom to be your best in all that you do.

Embrace change, embrace your self

Responding to change reactively by doing what you think others expect of you, or following in the path of others, or even resisting change, takes you away from your uniqueness. Over time you drift further from yourself and your freedom to act with intention. I will work with you to align your actions with your purpose so that you may live a life of fulfilment.

This is your journey

Kokoro. Intention from the heart. Your uniqueness matters – you don’t have to postpone your life: you can serve the world AND be true to yourself. Shouldn’t you be in the driver’s seat?

I always did what seemed necessary for success. But I had drifted away from my family. I felt a nagging loneliness with my friends. And I was always chasing a fleeting happiness.

Then she realized there was something more important.

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